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What We Do


Get iOS + Android + Web app for the price of one! We build slick, fast and secure applications for iOS and Android platforms and Progressive Web Apps for web. Backends are hosted at Amazon Web Services cloud to ensure infinite scaling on-demand.

Web Sites

We build extremely fast and slick Javascript driven websites talking over API to AWS serverless infrastructure as well as old school PHP + MySQL sites on CMS like Wordpress or Drupal hosted on Linux servers.

AWS Cloud

Save on infrastructure. Amazon Web Services provides a wide variety of cloud based solutions and charge only for what you actually use. Our system engineers will help you to set up and manage AWS services in a most efficient way using CloudFormation scripts.


Team for Rent

Save time and money and hire our well trained engineers full-time or on-demand, one person or cohesive team

  1. Zero HR headaches - Stop here. Our developers ready to start now!
  2. Zero long term commitments - Scale down team any month.
  3. Zero liability - No more employee taxes, insurances, 401k, benefits, local labor law etc.
  4. Zero overhead - No paid holidays, vacations, sick days etc - you pay only for actual working hours.
  5. Zero risks - We would quickly replace engineer with another one of same level if you ask us to.
  6. Zero management - We do the accounting, observations, daily timecards, performance reviews, training - all at no cost to you.
  7. Zero investments - All engineers work in a luxury office building, on our equipment, we do all the repairs, upgrades and taking care of security.

Pricing Examples

Good Faith Estimate:

  • Collecting requirements and building wireframes - 4 hours
  • Formatting client provided assets: logo, photos, videos, copy - 3 hours
  • Custom design mocks (1 revision for homepage and internal page) - 6 hours
  • Setup CMS in dev/staging/production environments - 1 hour
  • Setup DNS and SSL certificate for domain - 1 hour
  • Cut up design into custom responsive HTML/CSS theme - 5 hours
  • Build pages according to the structure:
    • HOME - Top Nav, Slider, Side Nav, Google Map, Contact Us form - 3 hours
    • ABOUT - Page with gallery - 1 hour
    • SERVICES - Page with blurbs for: - 1 hour
      • Personal Insurance - Page with video - 1 hour
      • Business Insurance - Page with video - 1 hour
      • Auto Insurance - Page with video - 1 hour
      • Life Insurance - Page with video - 1 hour
    • NEWS - Blog like page with subpages - 2 hours
    • REQUEST A QUOTE - Modal windows with inquiry form - 1 hour
      • Log In - form with validation and password reminder - 2 hours
        • Policy Documents - PDF documents grid with preview and download - 4 hours
        • Print ID card - printer formatted card generator - 6 hours
        • Request a change - dynamic forms cascade with 27 question options - 12 hours
      • Register - form with clientID/DOB/last 4 SSN verification - 3 hours
  • Backend to manage Policy Documents per client - 5 hours
  • Backend to manage clients, assign clientID, and edit personal info - 8 hours
  • Setup "Contact Us", "Request a Quote", "Request a change" to send out emails - 2 hours
  • SEO audit and tune-up - 3 hours
  • Help with UAT, train on CMS and push site live - 3 hours
  • Tests and bug fixes +10% - 8 hours
  • Project management +10% - 8 hours

TOTAL: 96 hours @ $85 / hr = $8160

In-house financing available. 20% down. 3% APR.

Good Faith Estimate:

  • Collecting requirements and building wireframes - 6 hours
  • Custom design mockups (1 revision for dashboard + internal screen) - 6 hours
  • Cut up design and all icons into application theme - 5 hours
  • Setting up headless GraphQL CMS exposed through AWS API Gateway - 2 hours
  • Setting up NoSQL DynamoDB for geo-spatial data and distance calc - 4 hours
  • Register screen - 1 hour
  • Email verification with token and phone verification with SMS - 2 hours
  • Login screen with login with Facebook and login with Google accounts - 3 hours
  • Password reminder/reset screens with email/sms ownership verification - 2 hours
  • Dashboard screen with user profile his sports statistics - 8 hours
  • Sliding menu with 10 options - 1 hour
  • Add/edit sports screens - 4 hours
  • Add/edit clubs screens - 4 hours
  • Edit profile screen with avatar capture from camera or library - 6 hours
  • Posting device location over API, pulling distances to other players - 12 hours
  • Other players screen with points, hours seen online, distance and ability to invite - 8 hours
  • Search for matching player feature (with sort by distance, or by level) - 5 hours
  • Match create screen with list of potential opponents and Invite buttons - 8 hours
  • Score entering screen for match organizers - 4 hours
  • Notifications mechanism for updates from admin, organizers and friends - 16 hours
  • Homepage icon notification badges for both Android and iOS - 3 hours
  • Standings screen with filters by sport, level, first/last name and sort by distance or rank - 12 hours
  • Admin backend to manage email templates, wording, users, matches etc - 24 hours
  • Help with UAT and beta tests through Apple TestFlight and Google Developer Console - 8 hours
  • AWS CloudFormation scripts for backend for future migration to client's own AWS account - 5 hours
  • Makeing screenshots, descriptions and Publishing applications to Apple Store and Google Play - 4 hours
  • Tests and bugfixes +10% - 16 hours
  • Project management +10% - 16 hours

TOTAL: 195 hours @ $85 / hr = $16575

In-house financing available. 20% down. 3% APR.


  • 1-3 years of experience

  • Quick on simple tasks

  • Minimal contract 160 hours


  • 3-10 years of experience

  • Quick on most tasks

  • High quality code

  • Minimal contract 160 hours


  • 10+ years of experience

  • Quick on complex tasks

  • Highest quiality code

  • Can lead or architect

  • Minimal contract 160 hours

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We've been using ProGeeks since 2014 to outsource heavy-lifting projects to their development team. They always exceed the expectations, provide code quality to match SSAE, PCI and HIPPA compliance requirements and deliver on time. I feel like I have their team next door.
Jim Collins - CTO BubbleUp, LLC - a Texas based agency developing and supporting hundreds of highly visible sites for world class brands and entertainers like: Jimmy Buffett, Luke Bryan, AeroSmith, ACDC, Celine Dion and more.

Why Us

Work Transparency

You will be provided with an access to our task management platform where you can see tasks queue, progress, comments and daily timecard reports from engineers. At any moment you will be aware of what is going on.

Any Complexity

We have real experts on board. Our solution architect will think through the whole project with you and build detailed plan for our developers to deliver application of any level of complexity in a most efficient way.

Latest Tech

ProGeeks staff follows all the latest trends in the web/app development world. We use the same frameworks, standards and best practices as Silicon Valley companies, but will cost you less.

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